Diana Paukstyte is a Lithuanian born designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania and she is creating a modern avant-garde clothing label under her own name. Diana Paukstyte brand is significant and memorable for darker feminine aesthetics, unique melancholic genre and androgynous design.


The process of creation work is intuitive. Designer is not stimulated by any particular inspirations or symbols, she creates by heart and feeling. The core of the Diana Paukstyte brand's DNR is centered on the strength of individuals character as well as inner self and not on social status or gender. The brand embraces ones self expression, playful and creative mind, artistic soul. Clean lines, oversized silhouettes and geometric cuts are mostly combined with monochrome colors. The color black is the main character in Diana Paukstyte story. Clothes are created for women of any age and are wearable on a daily basis, yet have a unique and exclusive feel. The brands universe is mysterious and enigmatic yet simplistic and minimal.


Its one womans poetic view of the world